Travelling with LISA – Destination Ghana


  • Category: illustrated short story collection
  • Target: 7-16 years
  • Language: English
  • 100 pp
  • Colored
  • Format: 13×20 cm
  • Available on Amazon in print and ebook editions

This is Lisa’s first bullet journal. Lisa is a curious and smart little girl who one day decides to leave her beloved Edinburgh to go on the first real journey of her life…to Ghana!
This logbook contains all the records collected by Lisa on her trip: stories, drawings and pictures of special kids and teens she met on her way because, as her grandfather Dougal said, a place is made by the people who live in it.
Open the diary and travel with Lisa!


Lisa is this story’s main character, but above all is an acronym for “Libri per un’Istruzione Solidale e Accogliente” (books for a supportive and welcoming education). The LISA project aims at supporting kids’ and teens’ education in developing countries. LISA is offering a different concept of solidarity, in which solidarity as an abstract notion is put aside and people are at the centre. A solidarity that builds bridges through books.


This is our first book, for which we want to say thanks to Projects Abroad for their help, to the volunteers who collected the kids’ stories and drawings for us and a special thanks to Cristian Severina, who was immediately enthusiastic about the LISA project and very friendly and helpful in cooperating with us. In addition, we also want to say a special thanks to Shoshana Court, who kindly helped us with all the coordination and collection of materials on the ground in Accra and the Akupem Hills, Ghana.

Watch the video of the collaboration with Projects Abroad.

The project

LISA is a solidarity project born from the desire to exploit the power of stories to create bridges and bonds between different realities, places and times. The desire to turn solidarity into a concrete act. Learn more, watch the video!

Watch the video to learn more about the project.

If you are a solidarity association or an organization interested in our project, please contact us by email to

You can also contribute to the project supporting our crowdfunding campaign

Lisa can’t wait to leave for her trip!

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